Technical Papers

The papers in this bibliography are grouped into six sections:

  1. Deep Water and Exploration Drilling
  2. Organisation and Human Factors
  3. Wellbore Surveying
  4. Directional Drilling
  5. Well Control -shallow gas
  6. General Well Engineering

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Deep Water and Exploration Drilling

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Thorogood JL, Brown, John D, Urvant, V, Rolland, NL:: "Deployment of a Riserless Mud Recovery System Offshore Sakhalin Island", SPE/IADC Drilling Conference, Amsterdam, February 2007, SPE 105212. Also summarised in Oil & Gas Journal April - May 2007.

Organisation and Human Factors

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Wellbore Surveying

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Directional Drilling

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Well Control - shallow gas

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General Well Engineering

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