Industry Profile

  • Past secretary of Drilling Engineering Association (Europe).
  • Author of 40 technical papers and articles
  • Member of Harts Meritorious Engineering Award Judging Panel
  • European engineering representative on the Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme 2006-2010.
  • Plenary session panel member at SPE Moscow conference 2006 and SPE Annual Meeting 2007.
  • Presents lectures and seminars to SPE sections and Universities on diverse aspects of drilling engineering and project management



  • Member of SPE Board of Directors with special responsibility for Drilling and Completions 2001-2004. Promoted revision of the Advanced Drilling Engineering Textbook, subsequently published, and facilitated formation of the Well Positioning Technical Section.
  • Chairman of the Drilling Automation Technical Section 2008-2010.
  • Chairman of SPE/IADC Drilling Conference, Amsterdam, 2001.
  • Instigated revival of SPE Sakhalin Section, 2006
  • Distinguished Lecturer 1989
  • Chairman of SPE Publications Co-ordinating Committee - 1997
  • Programme Committee for 8 conferences, presently member of SPE/IADC Conference programme committee 2009 and 2010
  • Chairman of 1998 SPE Annual Technical Meeting Drilling Technology Committee
  • Member of Editorial Review Committee 1988 to present, Review Chairman 2008. Responsible for clearing backlog of 62 technical papers in early 2008. Recipient of Peer Apart award for reviewing 200+ technical papers.
  • Chairman or committee member of multiple SPE Forum meetings 1992 - 2006
  • Chairman of the Eastern Hemisphere Forum Series Implementation Committee, 1999


  • 2006: Outstanding Technical Editor
  • 2007: A Peer Apart (having reviewed over 200 technical papers)
  • 2008: Exceptional Service to Peer Review (clearing backlog of 62 technical papers)
  • 2009: Drilling Engineering Award, North Sea Region
  • 2009: Aberdeen Section Award, Contributions to SPE and Industry
  • 2011: SPE International Drilling Engineering Award